Alice is a natural language chatterbot that converses with humans by matching patterns in human speech. Alice won the Loebner Prize, awarded to accomplished humanoid, talking robots, three times (2000, 2001 & 2004).
Kirobo, humanoid space robot and companion for astronaut Koichi Wakata, recognizes the astronaut and speaks with him in Japanese, while relaying commands from the control center. Kirobo's twin Mirata, said: "It's one small step for me, a giant leap for robots." Kirobo told the media he dreamed of a world where humans and robots could get along together.
Engineers with Shadow Robot Co. have built a 6" robot which has 60 to 70% of human functions; with artificial organs, limbs and body parts, it's very close to a real ‘bionic�man. It steps, sits and stands, has a functioning heart with artificial blood and an artificial kidney.
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